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Is Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy Encouraging Russian & Chinese Aggression? – 05/22/14

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World on Fire: Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Venezuela Turmoil Explained – 03/13/14


Libyan Wars of the Last Century

In this series, Austin Bay examines Libyan wars of the past century.

ep3-1Episode 3, pt.1-Britain vs. Rommel
ep3-2 Episode 3, pt.2-Britain vs. Rommel
ep2-1Episode 2, pt.1-The Turco-Italian War
ep2-2Episode 2, pt.2-The Turco-Italian War

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Strategy Talk

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  • StrategyPage's 15 Anniversary July 25, 2014
    Jim, Austin and Al talk about their experiences prior to StrategyPage and how they led to the page's founding. SPI and Strategy & Tactics are discussed.
  • Death Match: Hamas Vs. Israel July 13, 2014
    Jim and Austin talk about the recent rocketing of Israel by Hamas. They discuss why this might be the beginning of the end of Hamas.

The Morning Show

Tune into Austin’s Newsradio KLBJ every Wednesday at 6:40 AM to hear Bay’s weekly news review with the morning show.KLBJ News Radio Morning Show Podcasts

NPR’s Morning Edition

Embrace the Suck & More Military Speak”- 3/08/07

“Of Sandstorms and Guarded Hope in Baghdad” – 8/23/04

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Austin Bay also makes frequent guest appearances on podcasts for The Commentariat and Ed Driscoll.
“Austin Bay on Ataturk, Lessons in Leadership” – 10/21/11
Ed Driscoll interview




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  • Penalize Putin and His Culpable Kremlin for 07/23/2014 July 23, 2014
    Ultimate responsibility for the massacre of the 298 people aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 begins and ends in the Kremlin office of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Even if the triggermen who fired the missile turn out to be Donetsk locals, the so-called pro-Russian separatist militia fighters are armed and advised by Russian intelligence officers. Un
  • Israeli Iron Dome Demonstrates Missile Defense Payoffs for 07/16/2014 July 16, 2014
    According to the Israeli government, in this latest round of Israel-Hamas combat, Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system has (so far) intercepted 90 percent of targeted incoming Hamas rockets. Iron Dome is a very sophisticated tactical (short-range) anti-missile and anti-artillery projectile defense system. In terms of combat operations, Iron Dome
  • An Independent Kurdistan: World War I Continues for 07/09/2014 July 9, 2014
    As the militant Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL) threatens to shatter Iraq's central government, the leaders of Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government have called for the creation of Independent Kurdistan. In June, KRG President Massoud Barzani said, "the time is here for the Kurdistan people to determine the
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