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Fox 7 Austin ISIS interview
Political commentator and author Austin Bay offers insights into the ISIS threat. – 08/21/14
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Libyan Wars of the Last Century

In this series, Austin Bay examines Libyan wars of the past century.

ep3-1Episode 3, pt.1-Britain vs. Rommel
ep3-2 Episode 3, pt.2-Britain vs. Rommel
ep2-1Episode 2, pt.1-The Turco-Italian War
ep2-2Episode 2, pt.2-The Turco-Italian War

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Austin Bay is involved in various radio programs and podcasts. Hear a few selections below and be sure to tune in for more recent material.

Strategy Talk

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  • Cold War Or 1938? November 16, 2014
    Jim and Austin discuss remarks made earlier in the month by Mikhail Gorbachev that the West and Russia are on the verge of a new cold war. They explain how historically things look more like 1938.
  • Ebola: To Quarantine Or Not To Quarantine November 3, 2014
    Jim and Austin inform us on the US troops that are being used in West Africa to fight Ebola. They all so discuss the current state of affairs in West Africa and why Nigera has been successful in fighting Ebola.

The Morning Show

Tune into Austin’s Newsradio KLBJ every Wednesday at 6:40 AM to hear Bay’s weekly news review with the morning show.KLBJ News Radio Morning Show Podcasts

NPR’s Morning Edition

Embrace the Suck & More Military Speak”- 3/08/07

“Of Sandstorms and Guarded Hope in Baghdad” – 8/23/04

Also On…

Austin Bay also makes frequent guest appearances on podcasts for The Commentariat and Ed Driscoll.
“Austin Bay on Ataturk, Lessons in Leadership” – 10/21/11
Ed Driscoll interview




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  • As The World Burns, Obama Fires Hagel for 11/26/2014 November 26, 2014
    President Barack Obama has fired Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. The Beltway clerks and pundits tell us Hagel is a political scapegoat, a sacrifice to Obama's electoral drubbing. This explanation may be accurate, at least in part. Removing a senior cabinet member is an inherently dramatic gesture. It can signal the president's intent to rectify […]
  • Sherman's March to the Sea: Total Impact Warfare for 11/19/2014 November 19, 2014
    One hundred fifty years ago this month, General William Tecumseh Sherman's Union "Army of the West" marched from Atlanta, Georgia, to the seaport of Savannah. En route, Sherman's forces intentionally devastated a 60-mile wide swath of countryside. According to contemporaneous Confederate accounts, Sherman's March to the Sea was a hideous form of "total war." Yankee […]
  • Mexico's Iguala Massacre: Criminal Gangs and Criminal Government for 11/12/2014 November 12, 2014
    Gang and government lawlessness plague Mexico. On Sept. 26, a violent gang and a criminal government combined to massacre 43 students near the Guerrero state town of Iguala. A perceived attitude of elite indifference by Guerrero state and federal government officials has fanned national outrage. Now, as demonstrators block the runways of Acapulco's airport and […]
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