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Is Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy Encouraging Russian & Chinese Aggression? – 05/22/14

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World on Fire: Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Venezuela Turmoil Explained – 03/13/14


Libyan Wars of the Last Century

In this series, Austin Bay examines Libyan wars of the past century.

ep3-1Episode 3, pt.1-Britain vs. Rommel
ep3-2 Episode 3, pt.2-Britain vs. Rommel
ep2-1Episode 2, pt.1-The Turco-Italian War
ep2-2Episode 2, pt.2-The Turco-Italian War

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  • The Guns of August Nofi and Bay Style August 11, 2014
    Al and Austin kick-off World War I a hundred years later. Their discussion includes a tour de force of the ?Von Schlieffen Plan.?
  • StrategyPage's 15 Anniversary July 25, 2014
    Jim, Austin and Al talk about their experiences prior to StrategyPage and how they led to the page's founding. SPI and Strategy & Tactics are discussed.

The Morning Show

Tune into Austin’s Newsradio KLBJ every Wednesday at 6:40 AM to hear Bay’s weekly news review with the morning show.KLBJ News Radio Morning Show Podcasts

NPR’s Morning Edition

Embrace the Suck & More Military Speak”- 3/08/07

“Of Sandstorms and Guarded Hope in Baghdad” – 8/23/04

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Austin Bay also makes frequent guest appearances on podcasts for The Commentariat and Ed Driscoll.
“Austin Bay on Ataturk, Lessons in Leadership” – 10/21/11
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  • Islamic State's Murderous Excess Is The Road To Its Demise for 08/14/2014 August 14, 2014
    The terror gang now known as the Islamic State planned and executed an astonishingly successful military and media offensive. Hatched in 2010 when the gang still went by al-Qaida in Iraq, the combined military-and-message punch banked on a complete U.S. military withdrawal. The jihadists got it. Iraq needed a U.S. "security nightlight" to protect a
  • Sell French Warships to NATO, Not Russia for 08/06/2014 August 6, 2014
    Arming a geopolitical foe is a grave mistake, especially one led by a cunning and utterly amoral character like Vladimir Putin. However, NATO-member France is on the verge of selling Putin's Russian regime two highly capable Mistral amphibious assault ships. The first warship, the Vladivostok, is almost ready for delivery. The second, ironically named t
  • The July Crisis of 1914 for 07/30/2014 July 30, 2014
    On July 28, 1914, Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II returned to Berlin after a long sailing holiday in the North Sea and off Norway. While vacationing, Wilhelm had tried to follow the events of July 1914 — a tumult spawned by the June 28 murder of Austro-Hungarian Empire Archduke Ferdinand. Radical Serbian nationalists assassinated Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosn
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