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Fox 7 Austin ISIS interview
Political commentator and author Austin Bay offers insights into the ISIS threat. – 08/21/14
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Libyan Wars of the Last Century

In this series, Austin Bay examines Libyan wars of the past century.

ep3-1Episode 3, pt.1-Britain vs. Rommel
ep3-2 Episode 3, pt.2-Britain vs. Rommel
ep2-1Episode 2, pt.1-The Turco-Italian War
ep2-2Episode 2, pt.2-The Turco-Italian War

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Austin Bay is involved in various radio programs and podcasts. Hear a few selections below and be sure to tune in for more recent material.

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The Morning Show

Tune into Austin’s Newsradio KLBJ every Wednesday at 6:40 AM to hear Bay’s weekly news review with the morning show.KLBJ News Radio Morning Show Podcasts

NPR’s Morning Edition

Embrace the Suck & More Military Speak”- 3/08/07

“Of Sandstorms and Guarded Hope in Baghdad” – 8/23/04

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Austin Bay also makes frequent guest appearances on podcasts for The Commentariat and Ed Driscoll.
“Austin Bay on Ataturk, Lessons in Leadership” – 10/21/11
Ed Driscoll interview




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